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about BELLY 


Who are we?

We can count on the talents and wizardry of a very dedicated team. Our Belly boss Johan Belmans is a licensed architect with a Master’s in Computer Aided Building Design. And our 3D artists have got backgrounds in gaming, auto industry, product visualization, photography and film, to name a few.

Belly in 6 key assets

  1. We have the know-how of a big company and the flexibility that comes with being a small, dedicated company. 

  2. Timing and communication are key to us.  

  3. Different backgrounds make a diverse team. Our legacy is both artistic as industrial. Cross-pollination for the win! 

  4. By joining forces with a strong network of talented freelancers, we keep a finger on the pulse of the fast-changing world of virtual reality and 3D. And that’s how we get Belly’s expertise on point.  

  5. We like to keep things simple and transparent. Sometimes we even like to add a bit of fun, which goes really well with the quality we stand for. 

  6. We are made in Belgium: our services, our headquarters & our talented Belly 3D design wizards. Because we believe in the power of all things local.

Belly’s boss


Name: Johan Belmans

Job: Belly boss (since 2005)

Studied: graduated in 1999 with a Master’s in Architecture at the Henry van de Velde Architectural Sciences University College. Received a Master’s degree in Computer Aided Building Design from the University of Strathclyde (UK).

Experience: Johan started his professional career in London when he joined the architectural practice of Foster and Partners. In 2002 he returned to his roots to join the architectural practice of Poponcini & Lootens ir architecten bvba. In 2005 it was time to fly solo and Belly.be was founded.

Fun fact: ‘Belly’ was founder Johan Belman’s high school nickname. Since it’s got quite a ring to it, he decided to keep it.

Stuff you probably didn’t know about Johan:

  • Ass-kicker, also literally, when he’s practicing his weekly judo class or going for a run to get that blood pumping and those cool ideas flowing.

  • Crazy about his two kids and lovely wife

  • Tech nerd

  • Inspired co-founder of CGIF, a community to bring people from the 3D world together and to spark students with an interest in this relatively new professional field.

So why don’t you come out and play with us?