Graethempoort // Borgloon

Building a bridge between generations


To visualize a new collective real estate project, mixing housing for assisted living, flats and a penthouse.

On the verge of Borgloon, close to an orchard, GANDS plans to build a unique, multi-purpose and intergenerational real estate project with 23 flats for assisted living in an elevated section, forming a cosy living community, and a lower section with 3 park villas, including flats and 3 penthouses. The view from their windows of the stunning rolling hills will become the biggest asset! Young and old will be living together here, creating a unique atmosphere.


exterior & interior visuals

Given the green surroundings of this project, Belly paid extra attention to design visuals where the fruit trees and the lush environment would get a lead role. So real you almost want to take off your shoes and walk through the grass!

The height difference between the two different sections is also cleverly worked into these exterior visuals, where the lower garden can be seen in the distance, in between two units.

Inside, you can wander through the large, modern flats where you get the impression people actually live there!



Studio Thys Vermeulen


Borgloon - BE