Villa Hamoir // Ukkel

Viva la villa


To visualize a modern villa based on the ideas of the architect, using natural stone and a keen eye for detail.

To transform the ideas of the architect into inspiring visuals, Patrimoine Invest asked us to work our hyper-realistic 3D-magic. The architect’s specific wish was to correctly depict the natural stone that was being used in the interior, such as the stone for the swimming pool and the sanitary spaces.


exterior & interior visuals

Committed as we are, we drove to Knokke with our mobile photo studio to meticulously document and photograph the different textures of the stone at Dominique De Simpel, a specialist shop for natural stone, which would provide all the stone material used on this project.

The result: hyper-realistic images of a stunning villa, with a leading role for the stone areas, subtly showcasing the different textures and atmospheres per space.


Patromoine Invest


Ukkel - BE