I Love Cathedral // Antwerpen

Divine April Fool’s joke


To create more awareness for high-rise buildings in the city of Antwerp in a playful way.

Real estate developer L.I.F.E. wanted to tease the people of Antwerp by making them believe the second, unfinished tower of the iconic Antwerp Cathedral was now for sale, creating awareness for their plea to have high-rise buildings in the city. With the tagline ‘would you like to live like a god?’, the campaign was launched on 1 April; making it an April Fool’s to remember.


film | photomontage

Within a mere two weeks Belly delivered the design of the tower, then converted it into a drone shot and finally edited it into an inspiring film. In this short film, you can see a drone hovering over the cathedral, showcasing a modern tower with Babylon-like green terraces, insinuating the tower will be converted into a never-seen-before building project with 46 flats with spectacular views. The backdrop shows the distinctive skyline of Antwerp and the Scheldt River. The video got picked up by local TV station ATV and the local newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen, giving it quite a bit of exposure!



Drone footage:
Drone minds


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